Sunday, 18 March 2018

For Hairs Care In Summer The Best Home Remedies

Today’s post I want to write about how to take care of your hairs in the summer seasons, the main problems in summer will be due to heat sweating on the scalp will main issue and due to sweating the small pores on the skin will be closed and due to this there will be rashes and etching problem will start, if ignored it will lead to dandruff and many skin deceases will start.
It is simple to solve this first thing is we must try to be away from direct sunlight if not possible then use sunscreen hat or caps, if you don’t want to wear and if you are staying near the coastal area then sweating will be more if we use caps or hat.
In such case we have to wash the hairs multiple times in a day to keep the hairs clean from sweating, if we have scarcity of water then we can use cucumber just cut the cucumber and take the seeds and apply on the hairs, in the evening due to this you will get better sleep at night and it will keep your scalp cool.
Note : - In summer don’t use egg on the hairs and hairdryer .
And one more problem will occur in some cases specially in the summer that is splitting of hairs for this we have to regularly trim the hairs and cut off the ends of the hairs, and if possible apply olive oil and green tea.
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Monday, 12 March 2018

Home Remedy For Stopping Hair Loss & Thick Hairs & Anti Impotency

Home remedy for stopping hair loss thick hairs & anti impotency
Green tea leaves put them in normal water from morning to night and apply on your hairs at night and in the morning you can wash your hairs. Actually green tea will have vitamin E. It is very important for your hairs and skin.
Actually the difference between green tea and normal tea is very little but the effects will be great, green tea are the leaves of the same tree but they are just budding leaves not the full grown ones.
I have already informed you in my other post that you should not use lemon on your hairs, please never use lemon on your hairs again I am informing you because the characteristics of lemon is it will remove the oil from your hairs, which will help you a little but in long run it will damage your hairs permanently.
Vitamin E is very important for other things too such as impotency, and much more things and regular use of green tea will increase your vital power, and if used along with Aamla ( gooseberry ) will have added advantages for men.
free home remedy

free home remedy

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Free Home Remedies, How To Make Soft And Silky Hairs & Look Handsome.

Well frankly speaking the first impression should be best impression, because it constantly remains in the brain.
For looking beautiful or handsome and hot, you have to concentrate on your hairs first if your hairs are clean and good looking then half of the work is done. 
Because whenever someone watch you if your hairs are not properly set they will have wrong impression of your personality then the second sight will be on your dress and then they will watch your shoes.
Normally most people don’t concentrate on hairs and shoes, even though they are well dressed but you will be just like the normal crowd.
If you want to make your place in the mind of people first thing is you have concentrate on your hairs if your hairs are not soft how to make them soft today I am going to discuss.
Just like the skin the most important requirement of your hairs is vitamin E well the vitamin E is abundantly found in Egg we have to make use of this.
Well let us talk about the ingredient of hair softener, Egg + Coconut oil + Carrot powder mix all this in a mixer, apply and massage for 3 – 4 minutes and wait for 15 minutes and wash is with good shampoo I advice sikekai shampoo I am not advertising but actually it is good.
Now after bath use gel creem and set your hairs as you like you will look very hot and out of the crowd.
You can observe even in olden days king and princess use to wear a special turban on head to look more attractive and handsome.
Note -  Don’t use lemon on the hairs it will spoil your hairs.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Just 3 Steps Free Solution Reverse The Process Of Baldness (Hair Loss)

Reverse the process of baldness (hair loss)

Recerse the process of baldness

Recerse the process of baldness

Recerse the process of baldness

Recerse the process of baldness

Dear friends I received lot of +ve replies about the solution of reversing the process of graying hairs, and many people asked me solution for reversing the baldness (hair loss). Actually this process is a bit difficult but it is not impossible.

I am telling you difficult because one of the ingredient in this is a bit difficult to get in many parts of the world, well this product is fenugreek just budding leaves not the big ones, I hope you can understand,

Any way I will show you the picture, well now I will tell you the process take the egg white add fenugreek leaf just budding ones and add Aamla (gooseberry) pulp put all of this in a mixer and mix them well apply this on the scalp of head that is roots of the hairs, then wash it with cold water after 20 minutes.

Please note:- don’t mix lemon, or don’t add anything else, just mix these things and now you have to apply it every day for three months then you can see the results.

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Recerse the process of baldness

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Natural Hair Color Home Remedies Naturally Reversed Herbs - Buddi

How to turn white hairs to black naturally irrespective of age

Home Remedy for greying of hairs back to black naturally free information

There are multiple reasons for hairs getting grey, (white) such as due to the quality of water you are using and the content of ammonia and oxidation particles in your daily life.
We can read on some of the hair coloring products it is mentioned that free from ammonia, actually only ammonia is not only the culprit in this there are so many oxidation agents used.
Well I am not going in depth of any particular brand or make, our aim is not running behind any product manufacturer, but our aim is how to solve this problem irrespective of such product use.
My point is please note | if some chemicals can turn our black hairs to grey (white), then there will be an antidote for this in the nature to reverse the process we have to find it and use it properly without fail and I will give you 100% guarantee that your greying of hairs will be reversed and they will become black again irrespective of age below 60 years but you can feel the effect after 3 weeks.
Well I am giving you an important ingredients list you have to mix them and grind them and apply on your hairs wait for 20 minutes and take a bath. Don’t worry it is not a very big list only three things.
1 Coconut oil use the best brand (50ml)
2 Fresh Hibiscus flower ( 5 )

3 Fresh Aamla fruit (1) only flush without seed.

Grind all this and apply on the scalp of your hair roots and massage them for 3- 4 minutes and relax for 20 minutes and take the bath do this process every alternate day without missing if you skip in between you have start counting the days taking that day as first day again for 3 weeks and I am 100 % sure you will see the result.

You can observe from the roots you can see the change of color of your hairs. If you use it for three months all your hairs will be black depending upon your age if you are above 60 years this process will take long time.

Please note I am not selling you anything nor advertising any product, I am just sharing the best information. Please reply me after getting results I will be happy with your happiness. Your happiness is my achievement.

One more home remedy I want to share with you people.

2 Remedy for common cold and throat infection.

Just mix Ajwain seeds 5 grams and mint 5 leaves and water (100ml) boil the water for 5 minutes and drink the water.

With in three days you will get the relief.  



Friday, 15 December 2017

How To Find And Use Coupon In India

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